Can I modify the lyrics I purchased?

Yes, absolutely! We recommend that you make all your changes before submitting your lyrics back to LyricsEmpire.com for copyright protection. We will take care of updating the copyright protection so both the original and the revised lyrics are protected. A $55.00 fee per submission applies.


I’m confused with the terms & conditions. Can you give me a simple explanation?

Yes, but first note that you are still required to read and understand the terms and conditions prior to finalizing your purchase. If you find lyrics you are interested in and wish to purchase, there are three phases you need to be aware of:

  1. You just purchased the lyrics. Congratulations! Your cost so far is the price of purchasing those lyrics on LyricsEmpire.com (e.g. $99). You are free to edit the lyrics, develop the music for the song and rehearse privately.
  2. Your song is ready to go public! At this point, you must submit your final lyrics back to LyricsEmpire.com to update the associated copyright protection so both the original and the modified lyrics are protected. A fee of $55 applies (bringing your total cost to e.g. $154). This step is in your own best interest: you are now ready to market your song publicly at fairs, on the radio even TV shows! You will spend time, money and a lot of energy promoting your song so you want to make sure it is YOURS only!
  3. You’ve made it, you just signed a record deal! Your manager and/or record company must be made aware of the royalties associated with sales of any and all commercial products and services associated with the lyrics as described in the terms & conditions. This default agreement can of course be renegotiated on a case-by-case basis.
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