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I was born in France
In a state of Affluence
Bless my Inheritance
And my innate eloquence

I was taught Exigence
As well as self-Defense
Sometimes Indulgence
Never Impertinence

My love for Science
And my perseverance
Got me a grad License
To make a Difference

Built-up my Influence
By Videoconference
A mix of Confidence
And lots of common Sense

I met him at a Dance
I was a little Tense
He threw me a Lance
And got me in a Trance

He had a Protuberance
I craved his Dominance
Soon lost my Innocence
And we called it Romance

Moved in for Convenience
That took a bit of Patience
As well as Resilience
To avoid any Turbulence

Our love has grown dense
Reaching magnificence
Between us no Interference
That is pure Quintessence





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