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Started with Rebellion
Wasn’t the right Solution
Made me the king Lyon
Built strong like a Stallion

Once a worthless Pion
Soon worth near a Billion
Famous as Celine Dion
All came from a Crayon

Fan club in the Zillion
Forming its Battalion
C’mon it’s time to Join
Don’t hope for Cotillion

Brought a new Dimension
More sacred than Zion
Earned me a Medallion
And lots of Acclamation

Thanks to Capitalization
I bought a Benz at Auction
And a swanky new Mansion
With its own pool Pavilion

First-class Celebration
French Riviera for Vacation
Truffle butter on my Sirloin
And hashish for Relaxation

As charged as an Ion
I fear no Competition
Leave it to my Postilion
To defend my Reputation

By endless Reinvention
I make it my Mission
To promote Acceptation
And fight Derogation

Now’s time for Separation
Only a quick Intermission
Accept my soon Evolution
And my sincere Salutation.





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